Mike Walko
Lead Investigator\Founder

N.A.P.S. Team

Interested in understanding the effects of the energy within paranormal phenomena. I've always been fascinated by the mystical side of the paranormal.
Luca Sky Walko
Canine Investigator\Morale
Montine Rummel
Investigator - Metaphysics

  N.A.P.S. Team Bio

This desire to know more about the unknown is what compels me to continue looking for answers.
I enjoy connecting with people, listening to their story and getting a feel for their experiences.  Helping them in any way I can, to put their minds and souls at ease.
Having grown up in a culture rich in folklore and superstitions, stories of hauntings and paranormal activity have always interested me. From the tale “La Hora De La Malora” to Dia De Los Muertos what happens if anything beyond our own  mortality has kept me searching. Having had some powerful unexplained experiences has peaked my curiosity to prove or disprove paranormal happenings through scientifically minded investigative techniques.
I'm interested in investigating all possible explanations around paranormal activity. Looking for that evidence I can't disprove is what drives my curiosity.  "I ain't afraid of no ghost!"
Show me the proof!  I want to believe that there's more to this universe than meets the eye, but not without rock solid proof. Favorite tool: Whatever get's the job done.
I have a keen interest in understanding all the mysteries of life.  A passion for the creative process of presenting a story through the lens that you will remember.
Justin Estes
Investigator - Equipment Manager
Lets look for the rational explanation behind the unknown. While I don't dismiss the possibility that paranormal activity can be legitimate I won't be jumping to any conclusions without proof.

Based in the Pacific Northwest N.A.P.S. is chartered with investigating all things paranormal with a focus on historic hauntings. 

James Dunigan
Outfitted with his own full spectrum camera, Luca lends his talents in what some believe to be canine sensitivities to paranormal energies. Also doubles as team morale officer.

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Looking for answers on all things paranormal? I am.  Curiosity for the unknown and understanding how it works gets me excited. Put a camera in my hand and I won't be denied! 
I believe there in sometimes a connection between the paranormal and the living. What messages are they trying to tell those who are willing to listen?
Angie Rhoades
Historian - Interviewer
Kristy Dunigan
Investigator - Logistics - Interviewer
I have a great interest in the many mysteries the universe presents us from the afterlife to the cosmos. I believe that spirituality and science are intrinsically connected. Investigating those connections is what drove me to start this group.

Together we have a diverse collection of team skills and passions from history buffs to photographers, technology experts, spiritualist and skeptics and a ghost hunting dog named Luca.
Josh Eash
Photography - Videography - Production
The history behind stories and locations, doing the research and finding the truth is what I believe in.  I'm interested in ghost hunting as long as the ghosts are exciting!
Jennifer Peake
Lead Investigator
I'm intrigued by the ritualistic behaviors and practices that are often found in locations with paranormal activity. I'm also Luca's handler; where he doesn't go I don't go!
Heather Cooke
Investigator\Research\Canine Handler