Want to do your own investigations?

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  Investigative Gear

N.A.P.S. offers custom built Ghost Hunting Kits

from the beginner to the experienced.

  • Each kit comes custom designed just for you! 
  • Hard cases with custom inserts to  perfectly fit all your ghost hunting equipment. 
  • Choose pre-configured kits or choose your own gear! 

Please contact us for kit configurations and pricing!


Gear 101

What are the essentials for paranormal investigation gear?

  • Notebook or journal - Sometimes there is no substitute for a pen and a notepad to keep detailed notes.
  • Flashlight 
  • Digital Voice Recorder
  • Extra Batteries

Want to get amp it up a bit?

  • EMF Reader
  • K2 meter
  • Ambient air thermometer 
  • Full spectrum cameras with

             night vision capabilities

  • Infrared illuminator light
  • SB7 \ SB11 frequency sweeper
  • Bluetooth speaker\s
  • R.E.M. Pods

Going for the gusto? 

  • FLIR Infrared Camera
  • EM Pumps
  • Geo-Phones
  • You name it the sky is the limit! Check out some of the latest ghost hunting gear at  Digital Dowsing