Gear 101

What are the essentials for paranormal investigation gear?

  • Notebook or journal - Sometimes there is no substitute for a pen and a notepad to keep detailed notes.
  • Flashlight 
  • Digital Voice Recorder
  • Extra Batteries

Want to get amp it up a bit?

  • EMF Reader
  • K2 meter
  • Ambient air thermometer 
  • Full spectrum cameras with

             night vision capabilities

  • Infrared illuminator light
  • SB7 \ SB11 frequency sweeper
  • Bluetooth speaker\s
  • R.E.M. Pods

Going for the gusto? 

  • FLIR Infrared Camera
  • EM Pumps
  • Geo-Phones
  • You name it the sky is the limit! Check out some of the latest ghost hunting gear at  Digital Dowsing

N.A.P.S. offers custom built Ghost Hunting Kits

from the beginner to the experienced.

  • Each kit comes custom designed just for you! 
  • Hard cases with custom inserts to  perfectly fit all your ghost hunting equipment. 
  • Choose pre-configured kits or choose your own gear! 

Please contact us for kit configurations and pricing!  

Want to do your own investigations?

  Investigative Gear

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